Massage Therapy and Connective Tissue Release

A big part of my practice has been Fascial Release treatment. Somebody made a joke once that Water invented Fascia so it could walk around. It is everywhere and very much a big reason why we don’t fall to the ground in a mass of bones and tissue. Fascia holds the skin on us, holds and separates the nerves, muscles, bones, organs and many other body tissues. What can often happen (in a Musculoskeletal way), is that if part of the body is immobilized or in a shortened position for an extended period of time, the fascia can adapt to the new position and hold the body in that position without any help from the surrounding musculature. This can be caused by habitual positioning, trauma, or a local or systemic condition/illness. This action by the fascia can affect the posture and movement of the body in a substantial way and needs to be released to bring the body back into alignment. Other issues that can accompany a shortening of a body part or area includes shortening of the muscle, lack of range of motion of the involved joints, pain from applicable muscle including phantom pain from Trigger Points, Compression of nerves or blood vessels and compensations occuring from other muscles kicking in to help out. An analogy of what can happen if you lean over your desk at work for hours and hours each day without a break. Fascia fixations can occur in the front of the spine, in the front of the chest area and abdomen. This would be similar to leaning forward, tucking in your shirt and pouring glue on the front of your shirt. When the glue dries, you find it difficult to sit back up normally. This can be what happens with prolonged positioning. At the same time, in your shoulder area, the nerves travelling down your arm can be compressed bringing numbness and weakness to your arms and hands, your breathing can be shallow with that position and lack of motion in the ribs and the muscles in your back are stretched as they are holding you up as you lean forward causing muscle spasm and pain due to the muscles’ inability to get rid of metabolic waste. This can happen in all areas of the body but this is an example that is quite common. My Registered Massage Therapist practice on Fort Street in Victoria, B.C. applies emphasis on the Fascial Release technique when the client is presenting in this manner. Home exercises include stretching the tissues that area shortened and strengthening of the muscles to support good posture (including Hydrotherapy to speed up healing).

A nice surprise

I got a nice surprise today. I am heading over to Vancouver for a baby shower this weekend and of course going to see my mom and dad as well. It turns out that when I sent over some music that I did, they played it for some of my old teachers (one of which I haven’t seen for at least 20 years) and I’m going to do a little performance with about 3 of my old music teachers present. Oooooh, pressure pressure pressure.

The Composing Area

I enjoy writing and recording music. I’m fairly new at it and find it quite interesting what you can do. A lot of composing I do is on my computer with sampled sounds. My gear includes
A Macintosh 1 Ghz powerbook running Logic Audio Platinum
88 key M-Audio USB keyboard
Lacie 80 gig F/W hard drive
USB Midiman Duo Preamp
Marshall MXL 2003 Mic

It’s a pretty simple setup but pretty happy with the sounds that I get out of it. I’m looking for a not too expensive Tube Preamp for vocals if anyone knows of one out there.

This is my Classical Music Area

I am studying voice at the Music Conservatory in Victoria, B.C., Canada. I was pretty lucky as my mom was a singer as well and I was raised on Baroque and fell asleep every night as my mom, aunt and their friends practiced in the basement once every week. I encourage everyone to sing as I think it is one of the most versatile instruments out there and really easy to carry around where ever you go.

Thank you Derek Miller

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Derek Miller, who I have known since I was 18, for all his help in putting up this site. Very often I would get email from on how to connect this to that and I became very good at hitting “forward” and “”.

He’s is a busy busy man with 5 arms to hold up music, work, blogging, an awesome family and all the other tidbits of life and he took out the time to help me with my page. Check out his site, it’s awesome!! Merci beaucoup!!

Welcome to my website

Welcome to my happy site. There are lots of things that I love to do and as you can see on the upper right corner, I have discussions for Massage Therapy and related subjects, my favorite sport, Mountain Biking, my favorite hobby, music music music and just plain ‘ol general stuff for anything you would like to discuss. Take a peek at each subject and write some comments or ask any questions that come to mind.