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I am hoping to start up this post as a venue for Cycling Tours in the spontaneous fashion. If someone decides that they would like to go for a bike ride in the South Vancouver Island or Gulf Island area, they can email me at and I will post it allowing others that may be interested to add to the post and organize a Mass Trip.

1 thought on “This New Posting

  1. Hi, Simon!

    Did you mean “No Comments” or “Comments” to enter a posting? It may be misleading, unless the “No Comments” changes once someone has commneted–like myself.

    I learned about your blog and interest in cycling via Anke van Leeuwen of the GVCC. I am a member of the Rides Committee. We host rides throughout the year, but mainly in the better weather and only at an average of one and a bit per month. I can send you a shedule once it is finalized within the next two weeks.

    I am also a member of the CCCTS (Cross Country Cycle Tour Society) which offers regular rides in town and s few out of town during the summer.

    And, I have my own team which cycles to keep in shape for the M.S. Grape Escape fund raiser in Auguat. We try to get out every weekend.

    There a numerous other clubs in town which cycle on a regular basis, but I don’t have contacts for them.

    So, if you are interested in joining me on any of the above outings, just e-mail me or contact me at 595-2315.

    Good luck with your blog!


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