Massage Therapy and Walking

Part of the essential Home Exercises that I give my clients is the simple act of walking. I think that it is one of the best exercises a person can do as it does so many things. This is a chance for the body to move as a whole in a relaxed state. This has a much gentler effect that jogging as the impact is so much less. As you walk your arms and legs swing opposite to each other and the whole spine gently rotates to compliment the arm and leg movements. Generally this is a great post massage activity, along with swimming, and a good rest after. Walking is a great way to rejuvinate your body, mind and spirit. Gives you a chance to enjoy the view, listen to music, get a chance to appreciate your surroundings, and most importantly oxygenate your body. Oxygen in the blood helps to rid the body of excess CO2, especially muscles. It is a chance to be social and walk with a friend or a group. It is a fantastic way to get around whether it be for a coffee, shopping, to work or any other close-by place you need to be. Personally, I find it to be a great way to do something for your body. To help to bring yourself back into the picture as a priority. With so much like work, family, the house and other things like that, you, the individual get pushed back and you ignore your body’s pleads for help and can manifest in fatigue, pain and disease. I find that people need to re-establish themselves as the priority to give reason and purpose to properly taking care of themselves by all means of self-care whether it be treating themselves to something nice, diet or exercise or anything like that. So take a walk everyday and smell the flowers, it’s really good for you in many ways.

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