Massage Therapy and Osteoarthritis

Very often, Osteoarthritis is the effect of simple wear and tear of a joint over a life time. Most times it is a natural process that starts to occur later in life. Many times, Osteoarthritis that occurs earlier in life can be avoided. Triggers like postural imbalance, incorrect biomechanics, muscle over-tightness, over repetitive motions and improper diet can be avoided or altered to reduce the chance of early Osteoarthritis.
Part of the what Massage Therapists do is to look at how a person stands, how a person moves to establish any areas that are too tight, restricting movement, improper biomechanics and other factors to help to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear of joints. There is also a lot of education on what you can do at home, work and at play to avoid any of the triggers of OA.
The best medicine is to practice prevention. Call a Registered Massage Therapist any time to make an appointment for some good, effective, preventative treatment.

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