Massage Therapy Helps to Focus on Dysfunction

Something that I have encountered as a Massage Therapist is that a client may come in with complaints of conditions that may be serious like Joint Arthrtis, Carpal Tunnel, Migraine Headaches, Sciatica and many other conditions. Many times, through assessment, subjective and objective information collected, the clients are happy to hear that what conditions they thought they had, are often simpler dysfunctions that can be resolved with Massage Therapy, postural and activitiy changes and some stretching/strengthening at home. Trigger Points are small focused tightness within a muscle belly that can refer pain to other areas of the body. To back up the conditions above:
-lower back tightness can manifest like Hip Joint Osteoarthritis
-Muscles that move the jaw can refer pain into the teeth themselves that can feel like a cavity
-Front Shoulder or arm muscle trigger points can refer pain into the wrist and hand and can mimic Carpal Tunnel
-Some Neck muscles with trigger points can manifest like a Migraine Headache.

Tight muscles can pull bones together causing pain. Connective Tissue of the body can manifest in pain.

So visit your Massage Therapist and discuss what you are experiencing and we will use our education and experience to help you to return to a pain free functional body.

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