Tips for Computer Users

When at work, the Evil Computer can put you in a position that can manifest many things. You can over-tax back and neck muscles, shoulder stabilizer muscles, shorten chest muscles, hip flexor muscles. This can cause symptoms like pain, numbness and motor difficulties of the extremities, back pain, headaches, limited painful shoulder movement, limited neck movement to name a few things.
Some quick and easy things you can do to avoid symptoms like this are:
-raise your monitor so that the middle of the screen is at eye level
-keep the monitor close enough to you so that you don’t need to lean forward to see the print properly
-put a glare protector on the screen as a screen is close to you can be a little overwhelming with brightness
-be aware that you aren’t tucking your feet under the seat as that can cause excess lower back tightness and overcurvature of the spine
-keep your keyboard close to you and at elbow level so that your shoulders are back.
-use an exercise ball as often as possible as it constantly keeps you balanced and constantly moving to maintain core strength and balance

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Bringing yourself back into Front and Center.

Practicing Massage Therapy involves many thing but the main thing that I focus on with my clients is that I am not the sole solution to helping them to bring themselves back into good physical health. Generally bad posture and mechanical habits are what gets a person into physical distress and can be pretty much categorized into a postural/biomechanical addiction. Like any other form of addiction, it takes an effort on the part of the client during the time away from treatment to form part of the solution of bringing the person back into good balance. Someone cannot rely solely on the practitioner to do everything necessary for the clients return to good health. I don’t frown on this mentality as I think that it is due to what we have all experienced in Western Medicine, more specifically with surgery and pharmaceuticals being the solution. Now that self-help and treatment modalities, other than that mentioned above, are making themselves more open and available, the effort is coming out more and more where people realize that there are things that they must do on a regular basis to make themselves healthy. This includes things like exercise, diet, meditation among other things. However, there is still a tendancy for people when they receive treatment from a third party, like myself, to avoid the necessary homecare/exercise/lifestyle changes necessary for a better balanced body. I find that fully involving the client in the assessment and understanding the forces at work that have caused the pathological imbalance and as a consequence, the pain they are experiencing, is a key to providing a (for a lack of a better term) internal motivation for the client to make the lifestyle, exercise, homecare changes.
Often, the feedback that I get from my clients is that they are just too busy and forget to exercise. Life begins to get too busy. I like to use the analogy of a solar system. They are the sun and everything around them that is work, kids, mortgage, lifestyle, responsibilities are the planets that surround. Often their are so many planets surrounding the sun that the emphasis turns to them and making sure they all circulate properly. The fact is that they stay in orbit because of the sun and if you don’t take care of the sun, there will be no solar system and no pull for the planets to orbit around. So take care of yourself or everything in your life will not be able to manifest and survive.
I’ve been trying to establish a way for people to begin to turn things around and bring themselves back into Front and Center.

Maybe leaving little messages for yourself where you go everyday to stop and take 10 deep breaths and pat yourself on the back.
Make a list of the things in your life that are really good and that you are grateful for
When things become too overwhelming, make a separate list of the things you are overwhelmed with so they are separate and manageable. Turn your mountains back into mole hills.
If you are in a relationship, remind yourself to let your love flourish outwards into everything else in your life and don’t let negativity come into your love
Take even 5 or 10 minutes a day when you spontaneously do something good for yourself. Even sitting down and having a bit of chocolate to make yourself happy.

I believe that little things like this can help my clients and anyone else to bring themselves back into Front and Center and keep the Sun shining strong and bright. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any suggestions you might have anytime, email me at I would love to chat about it.

Muscle Energy Treatment and Massage Therapy

An excellent treatment that I enjoy doing is called Muscle energy. It helps to removed restrictions in the joints from the 1st Cervical Vertebrae all the way down to the pelvis. It is essential to movement and posture that all these joints moved properly for all movements like hip movement, spine movement, head movement and general body posture and function. If there is a joint that doesn’t move properly, then spasm, pain, nerve compression can occur in that area. If you would like any information regarding this treatment, email me anytime or call me at 250-818-1640

Massage Therapy Hands On

Something that my Massage Therapist friends and I have begun to do is volunteering doing Massage Therapy at different events around Victoria, B.C. Last weekend we did some Massage at the Firemans Competition. I discovered that I really enjoyed getting my hands on different people and giving them a chance to get to know what it is that a Massage Therapist does and to answer questions for them. It is sometimes a misconception what it is that we really do. We will be doing massage all around Victoria this summer including the Relay for Life and I am looking forward to it. I always find it very enjoyable and everyone who gets on the table seems to enjoy it as well. All around, it seems to be a good thing.