Tips for Computer Users

When at work, the Evil Computer can put you in a position that can manifest many things. You can over-tax back and neck muscles, shoulder stabilizer muscles, shorten chest muscles, hip flexor muscles. This can cause symptoms like pain, numbness and motor difficulties of the extremities, back pain, headaches, limited painful shoulder movement, limited neck movement to name a few things.
Some quick and easy things you can do to avoid symptoms like this are:
-raise your monitor so that the middle of the screen is at eye level
-keep the monitor close enough to you so that you don’t need to lean forward to see the print properly
-put a glare protector on the screen as a screen is close to you can be a little overwhelming with brightness
-be aware that you aren’t tucking your feet under the seat as that can cause excess lower back tightness and overcurvature of the spine
-keep your keyboard close to you and at elbow level so that your shoulders are back.
-use an exercise ball as often as possible as it constantly keeps you balanced and constantly moving to maintain core strength and balance

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