Composing Music

I can’t remember if I had an earlier entry regarding this, but I have found a lot of enjoying recently with recording different musician playing their tunes. With a couple of different microphones, a pre-amp and my computer with some Professional Recording Software, I can travel to where they are playing and do up a pretty good little recording, mix and master the music and burn on a cd for them. At this stage, I am doing this as my own hobby and for practice and, who knows, maybe on a more professional basis in the future. I’ve done a couple of concerts and some recording for audition cd’s ect. It has been a lot of fun and the people I record are very happy as it can often be a very expensive little deal to get a recording and I think it is a great benefit for all parties involved. I have an interesting little diddy coming up with a Sitar player who would like to record and put some percussion behind it. Each instrument seem to present with a very different type of sound and therefore seems to have different recording needs so it has been a good challenge. For example I managed to record my own voice doing some songs as a Tenor and found that the Soprano has much different needs to arrive at a good recording. I am looking forward to the sitar recording.

Are you a musician or anyone you know a musician, in the Victoria area, and would like a recording of your music? Call me anytime at 818-1640. If you feel guilty about having me record for free, I do work for coffee (large Americano). I think it’s good Music Karma.

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