Massage Therapy / Posture cont…

Postural Education is very much a part of my treatment as I believe that much of the success of a treatment depends on what the client does away from the treatment. I had included some tips when working at the computer but something that I left out that I noticed was becoming quite prevelant is the aspect of having the chair low enough that both feet can be solidly on a surface like the floor or a foot stool. The reason behind this is that if they aren’t, then a person tends to tuck their feet under the chair. When that occurs (especially with someone that has tight thigh muscles), it causes low back extra curvature. If you sit like this for hours at a time, then the musculature can shorten in the lowerback and the over curvature can become remain long term even when not sitting, causing a postural imbalance, back pain, head forward posture, nerve impingement, TMJ (jaw) and other conditions. The only reason that this can spread up to the jaw is that the upper body, head, shoulders and jaw can become the counter balancers to the overcurature of the lower back. I’m contemplating doing a talk at offices about good posture at the workplace that takes about 15 minutes but can be very valuable in maintaing good posture at and away from work.

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