Changing the Posture at Work

More and more in my work, I have found a need to improve prevention as a means to a happy strong, balanced body. As much as each person works in a different manner, I have noticed that similar presentations occur with the body as it attempts to stabilize due to the stresses that it is presented with. Anything from pain/numbness down the leg or arms, back pain, digestive/breathing difficulties, headaches to TMJ (jaw) issues can arise. One of the important aspects to maintaining this is to encourage good habits away from treatment. For that reason, I would like to offer to visit your office for no charge, as a sort of consultant to improve the ergonomics of each persons working environment. This can include such things as chair height/position, computer placement, placement of any items around your desk, good ways to sit, balance ball use. Each person can receive a list as a reminder of things that can be improved so that they can establish good ergonomic habits. Each person has a different need so I think it would serve the purpose to just give one big list to the office.
There will be no assessment done on the presentation of the clients but only advice on how to improve the work conditions surrounding the client.

If you would like to receive a visit from me to your office, please email me at any time and I can answer any questions you may have.