Visceral Manipulation and Massage Therapist

I took a very interesting course last weekend. This course was about maintaining mobile viscera or organs in the body. The organs included in the course were the stomach, liver, gall bladder, small intestine, ascending/transverse/descending/sigmoid colon, bladder, uterus, and diaphragm. When any of these organs are not allowed to move in their own plane and are stuck, they manifest in their own fashion. An example would be if the stomach becomes stuck, this can affect the digestive system and the ability to digest food properly. Surrounding tissue, muscles, ligaments and bones are some of the structures that can cause the organ to become fixed. Positions such as sitting leaning forward for long periods of time can also cause organs to become fixed. This can occur with those who work with computers for long periods of time. This treatment can be beneficial for anyone that has had abdominal surgery in the past as often there is scar tissue after the operation that can limit proper movement of the organs. I will supplement this entry with some specific pathologies that can occur with the immobility of each organ becoming stuck.

Registered Massage Therapist at the Royal Victoria Marathon

I’ve found that I really enjoy Massaging at different events but find the bigger events enjoyable and challenging. It makes me appreciate the training that we received allowing us to provide different types of treatment depending on the needs of the client. In the case of a Marathon, the type of treatment before an event is much different than after the event. Before the event, the emphasis is on removing any unnecessary restrictions in the muscle tissue, helping maintain flexibility of muscle tissue, Range of motion of the joints, sparking the nervous system to prepare for the event. The emphasis post-event is mainly flushing the tissue of metabolites allowing for removal and relaxation of the nervous system. Every body will respond differently to these treatment so many different types of techniques are used. Of course lots of water is recommended to maintain hydration and that body’s ability to remove waste created by the muscle tissues. Stretching given is generally going to be gentle and held for longer periods of time to be effective and avoid any muscle microtearing and hyper response in the form of protective muscle spasm.