Relax and Chew

If you’ve been having trouble digesting food and can’t seem to find the cause, there can be many reasons. One, is assessing how mobile the digestive tract is. This is part of the Visceral (organ) mobility course that I took that has turned out to be very helpful for people. Another consideration that I think is quite important is the Nervous System. There are two general states of the nervous system. One is the Sympathetic State, which is “fight or flight” state. This was invented by our ancestors to help them run from Wooly Mammoth. Unfortunately, in the craziness of daily life, this is a Nervous state that we find ourselves in very often. It is the reaction to stress. It is a state that consumes more energy than it creates so the effects on the body are draining.

It’s tie-in to Digestion is very important. The issue is that Digestion works at it’s optimum while the body is in it’s other Nervous system state, which is the Parasympathetic State. While digesting food, the Parasympathetic state is responsible for the proper opening/closing of digestive system valves, releasing digestive enzymes, moving the food along the digestive tract and so on. It generally takes 24 hours to fully digest food so taking steps to reduce your stress would be ongoing during the day.

Applying warm heat to your abdomen, taking deep diaphragmatic breaths and reducing the time that you are hunched forward (if you are sitting for long periods of time or working on a computer) are some good places to begin when making changes that can help improve any difficulties with digesting your food.

 If you would like a consultation with a local Visceral Manipulation therapist, make sure they are properly qualified with at least a years training in their Therapy as detailed knowledge of Anatomy/Physiology and Fascial Release training is very important. Is is by no means just a random tissue release and needs to be exact to be effective. Email me anytime should you have any questions at


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