More is not always better

There is a misconception about Massage Therapy in respect to “Deep Work” and successfully treating a client. I receive requests asking for deeper work as it is barely manageable for the client. Often the body will respond in a different manner. What may be manageable for the client can set the body in a protective muscle spasm and shallow, rapid breathing that reduce oxygenation and increase nervous system firing. This can dramatically affect the success of treating the tissue. Sort of like that saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. If you want the horse to drink, you will have more success leading it as opposed to forcing it. If Deep Work were rated at a 10/10, my work tends to be around 6 or 7/10. The body is relaxed and the release of tight tissues preventing proper movement and balance is quite profound. Another aspect to keeping the work within the limits that the body can relax is that the tissue release will have a “plastic effect”. There are two types of effects with Tissue Release. Elastic Effect occurs with work that is too fast and deep, and the tissue will return to it’s original pathological position. A Plastic Effect (that occurs with a longer, less intense release) allows the tissue to remain in it’s stretch position much better and for much longer, which is the desired effect. This work conbined with good, deep, diaphragmatic breathing can bring about a much better response than the traditionally accepted deep, painful work that we have believed is the most efficient treatment.

Massage Therapy at your Event

My friend, Damian, and I have started to provide massage therapy at events around Victoria from the Cancer Awareness Event to the Royal Victoria Marathon. Some events we are paid for and some have the money go towards the Charity. We enjoy doing the charity events as it gives us an opportunity to talk to people about the work that we do and the money for the massage goes to a great charity. Are you having an event in Victoria that you would like to have some massage at the end of and have the money go to your favorite charity. You can email me at or call me anytime at 818-1640. It’s a great way to allow everyone to benefit.

Neat Things and Technology

I feel it necessary to deviate occasionally when I find something that is interesting and non-massage therapy related. The new Iphone by Apple is very interesting and uses some interesting technology that can reduce the need for a keyboard or buttons for numbers at the bottom of your phone. This is using touch technology where the telephone is essentially one big screen and you use your fingers to choose what it is that you want to do. The device also plays music, movies, show pictures, has fully functional Apple computer software, a schedule and many more items. That may be something that appears to be out there already but this works on a much higher level. Take a look at:

I found another interesting display of a similar technology using a touch screen that is quite amazing. Take a look at:

There, I have exausted my need to talk about technology and toys. Back to Massage Therapy.