Sports Massage Therapy

I have been doing a locum for a couple of months now at a clinic that offers Sports Massage Therapy as part of it’s services. They receive all sorts of athletes from the Victoria area from high school to professional athletes and coaches. It has very much helped to fine tune my skills in Sports Massage. I am still a big believer that deep massage isn’t always necessary even in the case of Sports Massage as explained in my previous post. Whether the client is a weight lifter or someone that works in an office all day still needs the same kind of treatment and the body will respond in the same way. It is especially important to be patient with the release for athletes that have acute injuries as the body will not respond to force.
Communication is essential for the sports client as this will be a person that is used to being active. They need to understand that they may need to take a temporary step back to gain a more permanent state of returning to a healthy state. Many of the clients have been very happy with my approach and very surprised with the way that the body is responding. Little things like using real ice as opposed to gel packs, sub-maximal stretches being more effective than maximal stretches and other little additions to their routines have helped them to return to their maximum outputs sooner than expected.

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