Massage Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy

One of the tools that I use in my treatments is Trigger Point Therapy. Trigger Points can be found in Connective Tissue, Ligaments, Tendons and Muscle. They are focused, hyperirritated parts of tissue can that occur for a number of reasons but it’s manifestations have the most interesting presentations. Causes can be dehydration, trauma, but often occur when imbalance leaves a muscle stretched and unable to stabilize the joint and go into spasm causing the trigger point. Very often, trigger points will refer dull, tooth-ache pain to areas away from the trigger point. Trigger Points also tend to manifest and duplicate other conditions. For example:
-Trigger Points in muscles of the jaw can send pain into the teeth
-A certain neck muscle can cause “migraine like symptoms”
-Low back and hip muscles refer pain down the leg and is similar to Sciatica and is a very common complaint with clients
-Another muscle in the neck refers into the chest, between the shoulder blades and down the arm and can be considered similar to a cardiac event.

Trigger Point Therapy is an example of when there is pain away from the area of dysfunction. A lot of my therapy involves looking at the source of the symptoms and not the symptoms. An example is if you find yourself in a “head forward” position. This can leave the back neck muscles stretched, leaving them weaker. Trigger points can occur in these neck muscles that can manifest in headaches, shoulder pain, upper back pain or symptoms travelling down the arm to the hand.

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