Heels are Evil

Normally, I can apply a little bit of experience in my posts and application of treatments and such but I will steer clear of this one. The problem that can occur with high heels is that it keeps the calves in a shortened position. To get rid of blood with CO2 and bring new blood in with oxygen, a muscle needs to pump by shortening and lengthening. If a person wears high heels all day, the muscle remains shortened, leaving the muscle tissue in a acid environment that can cause pain, which in turn, causes spasm. There is important blood vessels and nerves that pearce the calves that travel down to the foot and can cause muscle weakness and cold feet. So if you have to wear heels 8 hours or so a day, take them off as much as possible and push up on your toes and back down again as the calves are very important means to pump the blood back up the heart and avoids swelling in the feet.
Flat shoes are good too. Anyhoo, just a small offering from a non-heel wearer.

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