Massage Therapy and our Brains

I always say that Massage Therapy would be so much more straight forward if we didn’t have brains. Our brains are the guards that watch the tower. They are over-reactive at times and set off the alarms at even the smallest events. By this, I am relating to the manner in which they set off muscles into spasms or put the body into positions of imbalance. Very often, limited range of motion of a body part can be due not to mechanical limitations of the muscle or joint, but that the brain is firing the muscle to tighten up too quickly as an unneeded protective response. The quadraceps is a classic example, where often you may not be able to fully bend your knee. I use a technique that can increase the ability for the knee to bend further without putting a stretch on the muscle. All I am doing is decreasing the brain from firing the quadracep muscle too quickly. It’s an easy technique to allow an increase movement that may be limited due to unnecessary spasm of muscles after an injury. Protective spasm is good up to a limit, but after that, it just gets in the way. There is always consideration as well for the connective tissue lack of elasticity, reduced joint movement and any scar tissue present but the brain deserves a fair shake as well in the grand scheme of treatment. Put the guards that watch the tower at rest.

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