Keepin’ Moving

I have seen quite a few cases come through the door with lower back and neck troubles. Many times, the pain is chronic and been around for many many years. I feel that a lot of the time, there is the obvious aspect of posture and overtaxation of the muscles that hold posture. More importantly though is that the pain reduces the ability of the client to move in full range of motion. I am a big believer that movement is key to maintaining the muscle and joint health and lack of movement can create a cyclical pain/muscle spasm/lack of movement issue. Very often, in my practice, I will release the joints, muscles and connective tissue that is restricting motion, then give clients exercises to maintain the increase of range of motion (in a non weightbearing manner) that was achieved during the treatment. The body needs to be re-educated on how to maintain this new range of motion or the muscles may go into spasm and pull the body back into the position that it was in originally.
The big change is to reduce the times during the day when the client is immobile. Specifically, and very often, if a person is working at a desk, they may sit for an hour or more at a time without moving. I discuss specifics with the clients as to changes that can be made to allow the client to keep moving as much as possible. This can involve taking breaks, sitting on an exercise ball and having them roll on it when sitting ect.
Movement increases circulation, increases fluid to the joints. If you want to look at it from an energy perspective, it maintains Qi movement through the body. So keep moving and your body will be happy.

Things to avoid before Cardiac Surgery

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was up for Heart Surgery sometime in June. I got my call last Thursday and was told to be ready for next (this) Wednesday. On Saturday, I become the proud father of a bouncing baby bug of a Flu nature that has put me under from Saturday to today (Monday). I told my surgeon and am now rebooked for sometime late’ish next week. I haven’t had anything like this for years and years and find it interesting that this comes up days before this important surgery. Hmmm. I think it’s a message. I was feeling rushed in getting everything together so maybe this is a good thing. Now I can relax and just cruise into it.