Massage Therapy and Post Surgical Fascial Release

Having my surgery next week has prompted me to reaffirm an interest of mine in Massage Therapy. In discussion with my surgeon, he indicated to me that there will be a definite change in the movements allowed post surgery. For me, it is heart surgery so there will be definitely less stretches with my arms outwards for a considerable time to avoid the sternum from separating during the healing phase. This will be probably be for at least 3 weeks. In this time, the chest muscles are all shortened, the shoulders drawn in, the chest sunken in and the body begins to be educated that this is the new normal position for the body to be in. The connective tissue of the chest area can become fixed to the surrounding structures due to being in the position constantly as well as the scar tissue from the surgery itself. The bottom line is that therapy is needed to help the body return back to it’s normal position. This is different from the normal Physio that is done at the hospital and the work is done after the scar tissue has set in properly. This work is good after any type of surgery but is especially useful for any abdominal or chest surgery and is always confirmed with the surgeon and doctor to ensure that the work is safe.
All this work ensures that the client will not remain in the position that they have be forced to be in post surgery and helps the client return to a normal, healthy lifestyle.

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