Do I practice what I preach?

Well, sometimes I do, sometimes not. In my clinic when I help a patient to get back on their feet, the one thing that I say is to continue to take it easy, even if it feels better as the body is adjusting to the changes that we made during the treatment.
Sooooo……I get this heart surgery done last Wednesday, okay? I’m laying about the house and feel peticularly good. At this stage of the game, they recommend walking about a 1/2 a block 1-2 times a day. But I’m feeling good and I’m a therapist so obviously this silliness doesn’t apply to me, right?. So last night I’m feeling pretty good and my dad wants to take the dog for a walk and suggests that I come with him just to the park (which is about 1/2 block from home). We start off and we reach the park and I’m feeling okay, so we walk through the park and back around the outside (which is the long way) and constitutes about 6 blocks. I got home and went to bed. The next morning I got up and felt immediately dizzy and got some chills and perspired a bit. So I laid on the floor for a couple of minutes and made my way up so now I can stand without being dizzy. It was a little crazy and unnerving. “I’m having a heart attack, my valve is broken……….I’m going to have to eat more hospital food…Ahhhhhh!!!”
I’m going to see my doc this morning and do all my vitals and stuff. I know that I need to take it easy and not do those kinds of walks like I did last night.
One thing that this all makes me aware of is how difficult it is for someone that has been busy or very active in the past to have to stop and take it easy, and to look into the future and realize that it is more beneficial to be slow now so you can run like a Gazelle later. I am used to riding everywhere, kayaking, my job is obviously very “hands on” so there are lots that I can’t do right now and just need to confirm continuously with myself that I realllly need to take it sloooowwwwww. I think it is something like this that will make me a better therapist when I can better relate to a patient that is going through what I am going through now.

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