A nasty little bug

I have returned to hospital as I was getting some chills and fevers and such and waiting to hear back about some test results. I have been on antibiotics with the concern that I may have a Bacterial Infection, which is especially nasty after a heart operation. On the other hand, it could just be a little bit of a fever which is normal after an operation. They also found a lot of fluid that was sitting around my heart, which needed to be removed so my heart could expand properly. So they went in and drained all the fluid out and it made a lot of difference for me as I was getting quite dizzy before when I stood up. On Monday, I willl hear if they found anything in a culture that they are running right now. If it is anything Bacterial, they will put me on a course of antibiotics (hopefully at home), and if it is just a normal fever, they will let me go home.

So, we wait to hear. Will keep you updated.

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