Post Operative Peculiarities

I’m just back from a 2nd stay in hospital after my heart operation. When I got home after the initial surgery, I was experiencing some dizziness, difficulty breathing and fever/night chills so I went back in. They did some tests and found an elevated white blood count (in response to an infection) and a build up of fluid around my heart and left lung. The docs said that this can be a normal response to the surgery so they did blood tests and such to try to determine if there is a virus/bacteria infection or if it was just a fever response post surgery. They also drained the fluid from around the heart via a needle/catheter and something I do not wish upon my worst enemy. It was a good time, let me tell you.
I noticed a difference in my breathing and reduced dizziness on standing after the heart tissue draining so that was very much a relief. The put me on a course of antibiotics as well, which seemed to have worked their magic as my fever and chills are no more. This morning, after a blood test, they determined that there was no elevated white blood count, no more symptoms and the fluid was 99% gone so they let me go. I’m awaiting a final blood culture result to determine that there is no returning of the pathogen but I am very happy to do that waiting at home.

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