Getting back to work

It’s been exactly a month since my heart surgery. From a cardio point of view, it’s a slow but progressive effort to return to normal. It has been suggested that it is 3 months before a person feels like they are back to normal so I think that I am on my way there. I am considerably younger than most people that have the surgery so hopefully I can cut the time back a bit on the stats.
From a skeletal point of view, my sternum was split open to do the surgery so it is similar to any other complete bone break. They say that it is 4-6 weeks to healing, 8-10 weeks before I can go to work and 6 months before the bone completely heals.
I have chosen 8 weeks before I go to work part time. I can then get a good idea of how my body is reacting. My work will be part time and I’ll be taking it pretty easy. So mid September is the date that I will be returning back to work. So I hope to see you all there.

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