The Importance of a Solid Foundation

A lot of time when doing assessment for a clients condition, I pay close attention to what goes on from the feet up to the hip. Very often, this dictates what happens further on up the body. The positioning of the feet can affect the position of the knees that can affect the angle of the pelvis, and the pelvic angles are huge dictators of where the back and neck will be positioned. If there is a forward angle of the pelvis, the back muscles have to tighten to realign the upper back. If the pelvis is tilted back, then the back muscles are stretched and weakened and at risk of going into spasm. The peculiar thing is that the position of the upper body can also affect the pelvis so often it is a vicious circle. When it comes to rehabilitation, the emphasis will always be starting from the bottom and going up and includes some Core Stabilization exercises. And as I always preach, the most difficult part is retraining the brain so that it doesn’t pull itself back into the position that causes the problems, but that is another story.

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