Cancer and Intravenous Vit C Injections

Back in 1972, my father was diagnosed with Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma, which is a metastasizing cancer of the Lymphatic system of the body. This is a very serious form of cancer as the lymph system is involved in fighting things like cancer and that it can spread so easily to other areas of the body. When he was diagnosed, he was given 3 months to live. When you are given this news, you can choose to give in and accept what is given to you in terms of a prognosis, or you can search for alternatives. He happened upon a doctor in Germany by the name of Hans Neiper. He takes the approach to cancer from another angle. This includes diet, visualization-mediation and immunotherapy. The immunotherapy involved high doses of Vitamin C. It is important that it be intravenous and not oral as the effectiveness is 10 fold. The doses have varied from 6 to 60 grams. Here is a link on pubmed that discusses the effectiveness of the Vitamin C injections, it’s effects on H2O2 and the cytotoxicity on cancer cells.
It also is very effective on reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.

There is always the issues with therapies that are effective but have not gone through the rigors of many studies. When it comes to having cancer, you need to not so much look at whether or not the medical system completely and fully endorses it’s effectiveness, but if it makes the body strong and there are no side effects, then it is worth doing. My father had heard good things, it wasn’t backed by a lot of peer reviewed research but most importantly, it wasn’t going to do any harm, so it was definitely worth trying. My father is here today because he decided to try it.