Massage Therapy and Epsom Salt Baths

Often if a client is experiencing pain, it may be due to spasm of muscles. The issues that can occur with a muscle that is chronically in spasm is that it cannot properly stretch and shorten. Stretching and shortening is a means to which the muscle brings in new blood with oxygen and gets rid of muscle waste like CO2. When the muscles cannot rid itself of metabolic waste, this causes pain, which causes more spasm and so on… So part of the big plan is to ensure that the muscle can bring in new blood and get rid of the old blood to reduce pain and speed up healing of the muscle tissue.
In addition to the massage therapy treatments, part of the home care that I am giving more and more is to take Epsom Balt Baths. These salts are similar to table salt but they are Magnesium Sulfate. Their action is to draw the metabolic waste out of the tissue via the skin, which is a very good passive means to helping the tissue to bring in new blood and reduce the metabolic waste.
It is important to check with your doctor if you have any kidney, liver, cardiovascular (blood pressure) or similar conditions as the Epsom Salt Bath can aggrivate them. Also rehydration after a bath is important as fluid is drawn out of the tissues by the action of the Epsom Salts.

I found a very interesting article on Epsom Salts, their high levels of phosphates (good thing) and it’s effects on Autism which there are theories on low phosphate levels and high toxicity levels with patients.

By no means should the link be taken as gospel as theories on conditions are always plentiful but it is a good read and if it doesn’t hurt, it is worth trying. Again, check with your doctor that it won’t worsen and current conditions.

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