…and now for something completely different…

I was cruising http://www.youtube.com tonight and watched some videos of my favorite bass player John Entwistle from The Who. I asked myself what it is that I enjoy most about watching him play. Besides being one of the fastest, and technically brilliant players out there, he plays the bass like it has been attached to him since birth. Almost like the labor was more difficult for his mother because the doctors had trouble removing the bass and the baby from out of the womb. I think this applies to all musicians. Whether it be Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pavarotti, Kiri Te Kanawa, Sinatra, Stewart Copeland from the Police ,to name a few of my favorites, they all display a fluidity and ease to their performance that sets them apart for me from other musicians. Different people like different musicians for different reasons. Take opera for example. Many people enjoy the dramatic tenors like Jose Carreras, while I really enjoy the lyric Tenors. Neither are good or bad as it is a case of personal taste.

Have a look at John Entwistle play. I find it amazing to watch is fingers going at a million miles per hour and his face looks like he’s making a mental grocery list for on the way home.

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