Something different that can reduce range of motion of a joint

In the mechanical world of Massage Therapy, often if you have trouble moving a joint like one in your spine, shoulder, hip or many other joints, one thinks of the connective tissue, scar tissue, a “stuck joint” or injured muscle tissue. It is not difficult to deal with these issues. There is one other cause that can prevent proper movement of a joint. An example of this is when you take a bent elbow and straighten it. Just before the elbow straightens, the Central Nervous System causes the biceps muscle to tighten to protect against over-extending of your elbow. If there has been an injury or a muscle has been shortened for a period of time, this can cause the muscle to tighten too quickly. So it will affect movement of the elbow.
This can occur with any muscle crossing any joint in the body. This is very much a big part of my treatment when helping a client to gain full mobility of a joint and reduce pain and increase strength. It is a very subtle treatment and it is very effective.

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