No….the water you put in your coffee doesn’t count

I’m a huge fan when it comes to the union of 2 Hydrogen atom with 1 Oxygen atoms. I’m very glad that it happened because we would be very funny looking creatures if it didn’t. Every tissue we have in our body has a fairly dominant presence of water. Water is also important as it is a crucial means to removing toxins and other waste from our tissues, keeps a good balance between pressure in a cell and outside the cell walls, makes sure our organs slide well in respect to each other reducing inflammation by friction, helps us stay at a good temperature, reduces muscle spasms, gives up energy and helps our body to properly digest food and convert the nutrients, is good with people that encounter stress in their day….among many other things.
There are probably more exciting things to drink out there, and often the complaint is that water is sooo darn good (sarcasm) that tea is made or crystals are put in the drink (I think gatorade is a good addition) to make is more enjoyable. Water is best on it’s own. I feel a good analogy is using bricks to make a house. The brick needs to be made out of just brick stuff (whatever that is) and not anything else. Having water with fruit crystals or other additives is like having bricks (for a main foundation of a house) with marbles in it. It just won’t be as strong as bricks that contain just brick stuff. Know what I mean? So drink just water with nothing else.
I think that drinking water is like doing daily exercises. You just have to do it religiously and put up with the excitement (sarcasm) for a couple of weeks, then the body will start to crave it and it is much easier to drink and the excitement issue becomes less of an issue and it becomes part of your day.
Water is like food and good to take in little bits over the day. 2 liters a day is great. I find personally that having a large container in front of you makes it easier than having to get cup after cup after cup. I really notice the difference in how I feel when I don’t drink enough water.
Drink water after Epsom Salt Baths (which is another really good way to reduce toxins). See my previous entry.

That is all for now. Happy water drinking.

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