focused muscle pain that seems to spread

I’m writing specifically about midback or lower back pain that seems to be very intense and local and can tend to spread to the whole section of your back. Very often, there are deep small muscles in and around your spine or ribs that are put in a stretched position because of imbalance. This stretched position causes weakness. If you suddenly lift or move like bending or twisting, these small muscles cannot handle the stress and go into spasm trying to support this movement. This causes the focused spasm pain with the deep, small muscles. What happens then is that the larger, superficial muscles like the Lats or large muscles that keep the back erect will kick in to support the area around the small muscle that is in spasm. This tightening causes a dull achiness in a larger area and can also put a bit of a twist in the spine. So there you are. Small sharp back pain to larger dull achy pain. Spinal balancing, icing and gentle active range of motion of your spine as well as reviewing your biomechanics to reducing triggers will help you to stay pain free in the future.

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