Got me a Sit Disc

I have clients that have low back issues and very often, they are sitting for long periods of time during the day. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of sitting on stationary surface for long periods of time. I recommend using the big exercise balls (which I use in my clinic room as much as possible), but sometimes that isn’t possible as they are very bulky and sometimes not very appealing in a business atmosphere. So what does a guy or girl do in this situation? You can use the balance disc to sit on. It’s a flat disc that is often used for standing on to improve balance in rehab. Anyhoo, you can sit on it too. The best thing about the disc is that you can sit on it and continuously keep your back moving. It also helps to reduce the compression forces around your low back and pelvis. This is a really good thing. Locally, in Victoria, you can pick up this product from Sports Traders or Aloyd Fitness. If you get a disc, make sure that there isn’t too much air in the disc. Keep it fairly deflated, but not so much that you feel the surface of what you are sitting on. Clients have mentioned that they use this product in all sorts of different places like at the movies, theaters, sports events, meetings. So pick one up, try it out. They’re really portable, inexpensive and good for the old back. 

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