Shoulder Position and Rotator Cuff Strain

I am a huge advocate of the importance of having the shoulders in a neutral position to reduce things like joint impingement, nerve impingement, muscle fatigue and pain, reduced range of motion to name a few. I wanted to talk about muscle fatigue today. Like other joints in the body, the shoulder joint (or Glenohumeral Joint) has a capsule that surrounds it. The very top of the capsule is thickened and supports the arm bone as it hangs down. If the shoulder is rolled forward at all, the stress of the arm pulling downward is then transferred to the rotator cuff muscles. As rolling forward the shoulder also stretches and weakens these muscles, they will go become fatigued over long term and go into chronic spasm.  The rotator cuff muscles are responsible to control joint movement while the arms moves around, so arm movement will also be affected.So to make a long story short, neutral shoulder positioning is important to take the strain off the rotator cuff muscles that have their own job to do during the movement of the shoulder joint. Don’t let your shoulders fall forward   

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