Ugh!! The waiting….

I picked up a little bug that was going around that included a lovely flu symptom for a couple of days and now what seems to be a continuous cough that seems to just goes on and on. I’m taking classical voice at the Music Conservatory and just discussing this with my teacher. She has told me that I shouldn’t sing and it could be a while before I can let it rip again. All this has made me acutely aware of what it is like when I tell a client that they need to back off for a while when they have an injury. Many times, the client responds with “I was hoping you wouldn’t say that”. But I think it is like any goal that you are working towards. You need to keep visualizing where it is that you want to be and the transition steps that you need to make to get there.  For me, I need to do lots of things like drinking lots of fluids and really listen to my voice and make sure that I’m not overdoing it. Patience is the biggie though.When  a runner, for example,  has a moderate injury that may allow them to remain active (but not running), I will advise them to walk for the same amount of time that they normally run. Do not walk through the pain. During the transition, they re-integrate running. So maybe walk for 1 hour, then walk 55 minutes with 5 minutes run, then slow transition until they are back to running. This allows the person to remain active but also allows the body to heal itself properly and avoids re-injuring the area (making their return to activity even more lengthly).  This is true with any activity and injury that can occur.  

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