Ugh…the waiting…..part 2

So the tail end of my bout with bronchitis seems to be carrying on and on. I guess the hardest part of getting back to singing is how much do I do? When I start out, I get really good resonance and volume but it’s still seems to be declining after 20 minutes or so. I have an appointment with a Ear/Nose/Throat guy on May 6, which seems to be an eternity away, to see if there is anything structurally that I need to be concerned about. My immediate guess is that there isn’t anything structurally wrong (like nodes on the vocal chords and such) as I get good clarity for at least the first 20 minutes of singing, but that there is still a little bit of swelling and irritation that will take a bit of time to go away. It would be great to have an idea as to when this will be over as I’ve had to cancel my recital in May and would love to reschedule for sometime soon. The waiting is making me crazy as singing is such an important part of my life and something that I really love to do. The vocal chords are such a delicate structure that I guess I should be on the side of caution. I’m doing lots of good stuff like Licorice Teas (really good for the throat), water, salt water gargles to reduce the swelling and Slippery Elm lozengers that are really good for the throat. 

My post heart surgery is at month 9 and I’m really picking up with activity again and everything seems to feel great and back to normal. There is nothing different that I’m doing that would be different from someone that hadn’t had the surgery so it’s almost like nothing happened. I’m glad that I got the tissue valve replacement as opposed to the mechanical valve. My surgeon was saying that there really is no proof that one lasts longer than another. Any history with tissue valve and it’s life seems to be always outdated as the improvements in tissue heart valves are continuous. The mechanical valve would have meant that I would have had to take blood thinners everyday and that would have dramatically reduced my ability to throw myself down a mountain with my bike. Blood thinners essentially make you a borderline hemopheliac so you have to be careful even with simple stuff like cutting yourself shaving, never mind falling and bruising. If you are having valve surgery in the near future, think about the tissue valve and get lots of opinions on both types of valves so you can do what is best for you.  

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