Teaching a body old tricks

Okay, so I’m using the “my voice has left me” analogy to physical rehab again. I went to the Music Conservatory to practice, feeling like I now have a singing voice 7 weeks after first coming down with a bout of Bronchitis. I like comparing this with having a physical injury in the sense that you need to back off during the time that your voice or muscles are healing themselves, and how difficult it is to do this.  As I mentioned before, I had my first good sing and during this time, I have been singing a little bit here and there, but as my teacher said, having 1/2 a voice really makes you really focus on technique. It’s almost like you are starting over, and with 1/2 a voice, if you don’t use perfect technique, it can really harm your voice. Now that the voice is pretty much back, it sounds better than it has for quite a while. I can thank that to my Bronchitis and how careful I had to be during that. That’s irony for you. This is similar to physical injury in that during the time of injury, it is a perfect time to 1) slowly return to injury and 2) to fine tune your activity and re-educate your body to do this correctly to avoid re-injury in the future. 

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