Visceral Manipulation Level 2 Course

I just returned from Vancouver where I took my level 2 course for Visceral Manipulation. As I’ve mentioned before in an earlier post, Visceral Manipulation is a therapy that is concerned with maintaining proper motility of the organs. Organs can become stuck to other organs, to surrounding structural tissue, to muscles to name a few. Motility is important with organs so that they are able to function properly. The organs I work with are the liver, the stomach, large intestine, gall bladder, bladder, uterus and also includes the lungs and diaphragm. In addition to these structures are some very important valves with the digestive system. These include the valves between the stomach and small intestine, small and large intestine, liver and pancreas to the small intestine. These are important as they control movement of food and digestive enzymes during digestion. The valve can be stuck open releasing too much through at once, or stuck in a closed position not letting adequate amounts through. Breathing and digestion is really important so it makes sense to make sure that all the hardware involved is free to move so they can do their thing.