My MRI Today

I have had a history in the past of my low back going into spasm. It’s one of those things where “when it goes, it goes good and proper”. My theory is that the SI (sacroiliac) joint in the pelvis locks up, puts the low back and the hip flexors into spasm and hold me there, keeping me in pain. I had a flair up in early May this year so we put in a requisition for an MRI, and low and behold, 4 months later I finally got it done. Essentially you are in a tube that scans your low back, SI joint and pelvis and looks for different things like stuff that shouldn’t be there, disc protrustion, osteoarthritis, narrowing of the vertebrae and so on. I realized today that I am claustrophobic. I was laying there getting the scanning done and I started to get short of breath and my chest tightened up. I’ve never had an experience like that. So they allowed me to lay on my stomach which made it much easier. It took about an hour to scan all three regions and was quite noisy during the scanning. I’m really interested to see what the results might be. Hopefully it’s all good. Will keep you updated.

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