Apple Computer Extended Coverage

I decided to get an Apple Macbook Pro laptop last year. It includes coverage for breakdown and similar of the computer for one year. You also have the option of buying another 2 years coverage as long as you buy it during the first year. Usually, I don’t really believe in buying extended policies for things that I buy but I can, from my own past experience, strongly recommend buying the extended policy for any Apple computer.  I have used it over and over with my past computers from phone support to Apple, to screen replacements, batteries, keyboards, many ac adapters and even included replacement of an entire computer. It has well paid for itself over and over. 

If you are buying an Apple computer, especially an Apple Laptop, make sure that you buy one.

Our concert Jan 18, 09

So we had our concert in Victoria at the Lutheran Church of the Cross. It was a fantastic venue. Very bright and the acoustics we’re amazing. We were raising money for the Special Needs Music Therapy Dept at the Victoria Conservatory of Music so we raised around $500 for it. We didn’t tell them we were raising money for them so it was fun surprising them with the money. 

For me personally, it was a little mixed. I felt a bit off balance with the performance. I didn’t organize it as well as it could be done ie: someone to collect the money, the introduction stuff with the concert, you know “hi, welcome, please turn your phones down, info on intermission, okay we’re finished now thanks for coming”. Little stuff like that. My warm up felt really good but then there was the adrenalin that kicks in when you start performing. It robs you of moisture in the mouth so you get a really nice dry mouth. I felt that it really affected my resonance, clarity and control of my high notes. I got through it okay but it could have gone a little bit better. I guess it all comes to practice and performing in front of people more and more and really paying attention to my technique. It will come around and get easier and easier. I do feel much more at ease in front of people so I’m getting there. It’s a funny thing as breath is the big key but it’s almost like asking someone to breath slowly and comfortably while on a roller coaster. The ride will get easier, I just have to do it more often.

Man as a Machine

This is a great picture. I don’t speak any German, and been looking for an English version of it, but it shows how we work as if we were a machine. You can see the food going in and oxygen going in and CO2 going out with the Lunge (lungs), Herz (heart), Leber (liver), Galle (gall bladder), stomach, intestines and pancreas among other things. After studying the digestive system in quite some detail, it’s neat to see it explained in this way. Might have been a good way in the first place. man_as_machine_high_res

Massage Therapy – Low Back Pain and Hip Flexors

As it always seems with physical dysfunction, the area that causes issues never seems to be the area that most people feel discomfort. Something that has come up with low back pain is the prevalence of tight hip flexor muscles, namely the Psoas Major muscle. 

Things that can cause the muscle to shorten can be 

-Overuse: weight training, running, games like hockey, cycling, running

-Shortening over long term: sitting or similar positions

-Spasm due to disc bulge on a nerve, locking of joints in low back or pelvic joints

The muscle begins on the bodies of the vertebrae of the low back and attach to the inside of the upper inside part of the femur. 

The issue with a tight Psoas Major (hip flexor muscle) is that it can pull the low back vertebrae to the same side and forward misaligning the spine. Neutral position of the spine is key to reducing wear and tear of the rear joints of the vertebrae and unnecessary pressure on the disc causing bulging and pressure on the nerves.  It is very important to keep this muscle stretched. It is not an easy muscle to stretch and it is probably my least favorite stretch to do, but I know that I need to do it. For me, it is at the end of bike rides that I know that I need to do it. 

I decided to post this as I am at a pivotal part of my rehab. It is typical for most of us that we rehab like crazy but when things start to do better, the rehabbing starts to decrease. So I need to keep it up, even though I am not feeling the symptoms any more, if I want to experience permanent changes. I have been looking around for a good yoga class to keep everything stretched out and keep my core strong and firing when it needs to be.