Eat the Whole Pineapple and Nothing but the Pineapple

I have done entries in the past about natural inflammatories including Tumeric, Serrapeptase and also Bromelain. This entry is more about Bromelain. As well as being a natural antiinflammatory, it has been described as a Natural Anticoagulant (that breaks down the blood clotting protein Fibrin. It also aids with digestion by enhancing the effects of digestive enzymes Trypsin and Pepsin.

Above is the link discussing more about Bromelain. There is information at the bottom with studies linking Bromelain to Anti-inflammatories, Osteoarthritis and Anticoagulants. A major source is found in the center part of the Pineapple that usually gets taken out in canned pineapple. Buy the whole fruit and pop it in the blender where you can puree it and you won’t notice that you are eating the center as it may not be as tasty as the outside part.

There is plenty more information about Bromelain if you google it. Once again, as I’ve written before, standard medical practice may not have the background to comment on Bromelain. My belief system with these products is that if there is enough information about it, and it doesn’t hurt to take it, then it is worth doing.

There are sources that provide Tumeric and Bromelain together. If you are in Victoria, it can be purchased at the Vitamin Shop in the downtown area. There is a strong link between inflammation and Free Radicals in the body so a natural approach is beneficial in keeping them at bay.

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