Low Back Pain and my long ride today

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I had an MRI that discovered a low grade L4/5 disc bulge that made itself present earlier this year. I also have issue with low back pain resulting from very tight hip flexors. There is a big connection with tight hip flexors and forward rotation of the pelvic bone on the same side and an unbalanced lumbar spine. I went for a 60 km or so bike ride today with lots of hills and such. It was a great bike ride on a beautiful day but on the way back, I could feel my low back start to ache. Not in acute spasm, but just a dull ache that was kind of annoying. It didn’t feel quite right so I looked in the mirror and noticed that my left pelvic bone was tilted forward a bit that indicated that the hip flexor on that side may be tight. On palpation of the left hip flexors I noticed that they were. I did some gentle hip stretches including the hip flexors and did some manual massage to release the hip flexors and the back is feeling much better now. I’m going to get some work done tomorrow to make sure that everything is behaving itself but today was a reminder that I need to keep up with my hip flexor stretches every day, even though it may not be feeling too bad.

When something is flared up, it is wise not to stretch the area too hard as you may flare up the issue. Just a gentle light stretch for a minute or so, making sure it isn’t painful should be helpful with gentle range of motion of the area to keep it mobile. Pain is odd in the way that it makes us stop completely when light movement is good to keep the circulation moving in the area to aid with healing.

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