Heavy Drinking before Hot Yoga

irishyogajpg1No, I don’t mean drinking drinking. My ability to hydrate myself before activities can be suspect. My body is good at telling me when I forget. Yoga is an activity that can lead one to forget to hydrate properly. It is often a relaxed slow type of activity so I may not automatically think to myself “hey, I gotta drink water”. When doing yoga, there is an emphasis on toxin release and anytime something like that is done, you need to hydrate as fluid are a main carrier of toxins outside of the body. Generally a couple of litres of water is a good safeguard.

Then there is a Hot Yoga. I have to admit that I’ve only heard about it from several sources but haven’t done it myself. As I understand, it is quite a rigorous form of yoga with poses that are held for long periods that are quite difficult to do for a newcomer. The people that discuss it with me report losing a lot of fluids with sweat during the course of the session. What prompted me to write this entry is one particular instance where one of my clients were getting headaches. She wasn’t sure if it was connected to adjustment to the hot environment, maybe she wasn’t eating right, it was too strenuous for where she was at that point or hydration. Her personal intuition was that her diet and ability to listen to her body during the session (to make sure she wasn’t overdoing it) seemed to be fine but perhaps even 2 litres of water wasn’t sufficient. Many sources discuss that 2 litres of water per day in a non-strenuous environment is adequate so she did two things differently. First, she increased to 4 litres of water but more importantly (and I think just because of the sheer volume of liquid), she drank it over the period of the day and didn’t consume too much just before the yoga. It was an even consumption of water over the day. She then realized that her headaches went away. So that was the trick. Increase volume of fluids over the period of a day. You forget about how much stuff water does for the body. Take a look down the right side of the screen and there is a link that takes you to a page that discusses some of the things that water does for the body.

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