Getting your bike tailored to fit you

On my bike rides I was feeling like my back was really tightening up 2/3’s or so into the ride so I decided to go and get my bike fitted to make sure that everything was where it should be to make my rides more comfortable and efficient.

I went to see Bill at the Trek Store in the Songhees, just across the Johnson Street Bridge near Spinnakers (?) in Victoria. Having your bike fitted is really not something that you can do on your own. Bill pointed out that my setup needed to be changed in two ways:

1) That I need to move my seat a little more forward so the down stroke  was more over the pedals and therefore will produce more power

2) That I needed to reduce the “tilting back” of my seat as it naturally opened up my low back subjecting it to unnecessary strain and weakness.

So we made the changes and my first initial thought was that it felt really weird, which is normal as I had it in the other position for pretty much years and years. With these sorts of things, you really have to trust the math and the position will feel more normal over the period of a week or so with constant riding.

We also curled the brake levers and gear shifters more forward so that my wrist are not extended too much which can manifest their own issues over a long period of time.

My initial feeling is that maybe there is too much body weight forward on the handlebars but that may be just something to adapt to. I’m going back in a week and we can go over things like that.

It is something that I should have done a while ago and recommend that people that ride 3 – 7 times per week should absolutely do, so call and set up and appointment with Bill Fry at The Trek Store at 250-380-7877. It is quick, easy and will save a lot of grief in the future.

Check out their website at    as they have lots of great information and clinics available and fantastic inventory.

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