Good Cross Country Tires

I picked up a new set of tires lately. I had some tires that had quite an aggressive tread on it which was really good if I was off-road all the time but I often find myself doing 60 + km bike rides and the tires just weren’t good for that type of riding. I went to my bike Sugar-daddies at the Trek Store in Victoria and got some cross country tires.
The tires that I got were the Kenda Karma L3R Pros. These are great tires for on-road riding and mud/ hard packed riding. I haven’t ridden on loose gravel. There were complaints that the side walls were too thin but I think that was one thing that I liked about it for my style of riding as I can put up the pressure to 80 psi (I usually have mine at 65 or so) and it is very firm, but the sidewalls flex if I hit a bump but only at harder hits.
I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels post rides in that I’m not too tired and can ride a lot faster and longer so it’s really good for me. I’ve done some off roading and downhill/rock climbing and really like what I’ve experienced so far. These are Kevlar tires and I have some super aggressive Kevlar 2.5 ” tires that are super easy to switch if I’m going up to the Hartland Dump or something like that so good to have a backup . Great tires for the intended riding.

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