New Bar Ends

I managed to strip the threads of my old bar ends. They were the standard bar ends that were slightly curved plain bars that attached on the end of the handlebars and allowed a rider to hold on to them while doing a standing climb up a hill. Problem is that it generally took you out of optimum position by having you move your hands up or forward away from the handlebar. This meant that my back was in a bad position, my wrist were bent incorrectly tiring my arms, back and my weight over the down stroke of the pedal was in efficient.

Anyhoo, I went looking for a new one and found these ones. These new ones are great as my wrists are in a good position and keeps my weight well over the pedals as well as the grips are contoured to my hands. My back is happier too as I’m not reaching as much anymore, as I was with my old bars. They are $20 or so but come strongly recommended.



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