Cycling and Calf pain

Occasionally I may treat a cyclist and generally, if the training is heavy, the complaint will be the quadriceps muscle or the calves being sore and overworked. Naturally, the quads are very active during the whole upstroke and downstroke of cycling and most of the power comes from there but there are things you can do to reduce the amount of stress on the calves. One big one is to move your cleats back and make sure that they aren’t too far forward. When they are too forward, the calves may be working too hard. Bring the cleats back a little and there will be a better balance between the quads and calves contraction during the downstroke in cycling. You can give it a try by placing the cleats back, go for a ride and just feel how much the calves are working. Generally, they aren’t supposed to be dominant movers but just to stabilize during cycling and then to kick in a little more during climbs or sprints.

Move the cleats around and you can find a position that is best for you.

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