About my Treatment Philosophies

I wanted to spend the next little while discussing some of the types of treatments that I use. As every client is different with what they come in with, it is important to have as many types of treatment modalities as possible in your tool box. You can have patients that come in that are under a lot of stress that may need to just bring themselves down again with relaxation in mind, to athletes in the off-season/during season training/pre-post competition to client that are suffering acute or longer term chronic injury. With therapy, I want the client to understand exactly what it happening with them so 1)they understand how what they are doing can be contributing to the injury 2) to understand the treatment I give and why I’m going what I’m doing 3)they understand why I am giving the exercises and how it will help. I am a firm believer that my treatment will only be 50% of their success and the more they are involved, the longer term the effects will be.

Clients may come in with varying degrees of a type of injury so there is not one approach to helping them. My approach is I focus on mobility, support and balance. When the body is balanced, the joint range of motion is better and the muscles are in a neutral position and will be stronger (not stretched or shortened).  Many times the body is pulled out of it’s ideal balanced position for long enough that the unbalanced position is what seems to be normal and that is why it often ends up being a chronic condition that ends up surfacing seemingly out of nowhere.

The types of modalities I use include Deep Fascial (connective tissue) Release, PRT (passive release technique), Muscle Energy, Joint Mobilizations, Standard Stretching, demo of the exercises to be done at home, Postural and Range of Motion Assessment. Over the next little bit I will cover each of these modalities and explain how they can be helpful in achieving a well supported strong balanced body.

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