Visceral Massage and Prostatitis

There is a form of Visceral (organ) Manipulation that I do that can help with a form of Prostatitis (or inflammation of the Prostate). There are two basic forms of Prostatitis. One is either acute or chronic form of Bacterial Prostatitis, which as it’s name incurs, involves a bacterial inflammation of the prostate. The second form is what is considered Idiopathic Prostatitis, which is inflammation of the Prostate without a Bacterial Infection. It is my contention (with the courses that I have taken and my experience) that it is simply inflammation that has occurred between the Bladder and the Prostate. The Bladder is much larger than the prostate and sits right over top of it. A property with tissue is that compression and immobilization can cause adhesions to occur between the tissues (in this case, the bladder and the prostate). There is an easy way to assess if there are adhesions that have developed between the prostate and the bladder. Each organ has a predictable inherent movement to it. The bladder’s movement is moving upwards and forwards very slightly, then returns to it original position about once every 5 seconds. If this movement doesn’t exist, then there is a restriction at the bottom of the bladder, not allowing it to move in it’s normal pattern. Adhesions between organs can produce inflammation, that can contribute to new tissue being formed, which can explain enlargement of the organ like the prostate.
The type of work that I do, is to do what is called a Bladder Lift, where I do just that, to slowly apply an upward pressure to the tissue above the bladder and wait for the bladder to lift away from the tissue below it, including the prostate.
There are no latex gloves with this treatment and no going where a person would not want anything to go. I am able to access the tissues and the top of the bladder 2 inches below the belly button so it is very non-invasive and is painless. I think it is a good avenue to approach from with enlargement and/or inflammation of the prostate. There may still be medications that are required to reduce the current size of the prostate, but the treatment I provide can reduce an triggers in the future that can cause reoccurrence of prostate inflammation. If the treatment is successful, generally a visit once every 2 months or so is recommended.
It is also very helpful if you are experiencing symptoms like changes in normal urination, ie: more often, all of a sudden ect.
What I offer is an avenue that may be helpful if you don’t feel like you are getting results that you want, or perhaps you are having trouble with the medications that you are taking or surgery is recommended. Perhaps the above mentioned will still be necessary, but I always believe that pursuing all avenues and considering all options is a good way to go.
If there are restrictions that are present and I am successful in creating mobility between the bladder and prostate, there are stretches and other activities that will be very helpful in maintaining the tissue between treatments. If you have any questions, email me any time at

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