Standing for long periods with low back pain

I spend most of my work day on my feet and have been feeling the effects of low back pain. It is dull  and achy and I notice that the muscles are tight. I am very aware of the effects of having the pelvis out of position and the low back tightening to balance yourself because of the pelvis position. Something that I have become aware of is the importance of where your weight is distributed on your feet and the effect on the position of the pelvis when you are standing. In my observation, a very good portion of the population have their weight from the mid foot to the front of the foot. If you try this, you may notice that your pelvis and the upper body will automatically shift forward. Your shoulders will want to be directly over your pelvis and this forward translation will move your shoulder and upper body in front of where your feet are. To correct this, your low back will tighten and cause a little extra curvature in the lower and mid back to pull your shoulder back so they are over your feet again. This is the type of tightness that will produce a closed position in the joints in the low back and fatigued, tired and sore back muscles.

The best alternative to reducing this tightness and pain in the low back and hips is to keep your knees just a touch unlocked and move the body weight to the midfoot to the heel of your foot. If you do this, from having your body weight on the front of your feet, you will notice that your pelvis and back will move back into line where your upper body is directly over your feet again. Now your lower back won’t have to tighten to compensate and the joints in your lower back will be open and will move much better. With your knees unlocked, they will also be involved in stability so that your back and hips aren’t doing all the work.

If you are on your feet all day, give this a try.

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