Practicing my Recording

I have put up a post at the Music Conservatory in my home town of Victoria, B.C., as I have begun to do more recording of musicians and their music. I would eventually like to record all different types of classical musicians whether it be piano, voice, violin, guitar or anything that presents and put it on a cd. If there is a musician(s) in the area that would like a recording done of their music and allow me to practice my skills of recording, you can call or email me at any time.

A nice surprise

I got a nice surprise today. I am heading over to Vancouver for a baby shower this weekend and of course going to see my mom and dad as well. It turns out that when I sent over some music that I did, they played it for some of my old teachers (one of which I haven’t seen for at least 20 years) and I’m going to do a little performance with about 3 of my old music teachers present. Oooooh, pressure pressure pressure.

This is my Classical Music Area

I am studying voice at the Music Conservatory in Victoria, B.C., Canada. I was pretty lucky as my mom was a singer as well and I was raised on Baroque and fell asleep every night as my mom, aunt and their friends practiced in the basement once every week. I encourage everyone to sing as I think it is one of the most versatile instruments out there and really easy to carry around where ever you go.